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Genital Mapping

Self genital mapping class for all bodies and genital configurations. Mapping is a primary tool of sexological bodywork and mapping connects the dots between your brain and body.


We can map the body for a number of reasons, to get a felt sense of the body and develop our sensory motor skills. We can map for pleasure and to create new neural pathways and pleasure possibilities. We can map to learn about our own anatomy and erogenous zones. (A sex education we did not get in school!)

Self mapping is a wonderful way to connect slowly and deeply to your body parts at a pace and with the care and attention that your body would like in the moment.

Pleasure Temple Journey

Inspired by a two week deep immersion with one of her beloved teachers, Kaggi's next class will be offered as an act for devotion to body, heart and spirit.  You will have the opportunity to enter the Temple of Self Love and Kindness and be invited to listen to your body, heart and meet yourself with tenderness, compassion and freedom to love yourself in whichever way feels most nourishing to you in the moment.

It’s all Sacred: An exploration of Eco- Sexuality:  Creating Ritual EE on the eve of the Solstice.

Kaggi is offering a class where we explore pleasure through a sacred and eco-sexual lens.  With the Solstice approaching we will play with sensation and connection to the Earth and Sun and our place on the Earth at this time. We will explore different somatic practices that seem to reflect the Solstice both somatically and with a sense of awe, wonder and deep gratitude.


Any power/meaning in ritual relies on embodied, authentic experience.  

What happens when you bring your love, your gratitude and your pleasure to any ritual you create and welcome in this Solstice? 

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Lisa Rose

Product Manager

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