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Eco Sexual Workshop

There is nothing I love more than being in nature and slowing down and I love hosting people on the Wurrundjeri land I live upon to explore eco-sexuality.


Looking to the Earth as our lover allows us to draw from its creative life force and fall more deeply in love with the natural world, our bodies and life itself.  It is deeply healing for body, mind and soul to feel the Earth loving us and loving it back.


The Earth is constantly creating and giving and oozes with sensuality when we slow down and open our senses to it's wonder.  When we give our erotic energy to show gratitude for the Earth and all it gives us, it can fuel acts of service and caretaking, and to honours all of those people, creatures, animals, plants and fungi who have ever lived and loved on it. 

I co-facilitate this Retreat with two of my dear friends and colleagues, from the 4 Erotic Explorers.

To be updated on when the next Eco Sexual Treat is contact me below.


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