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Erotic Embodiment Classes

Weekly Online Zoom Class
Every Monday 6 pm
Melbourne/Sydney Time
find your local time

As part of the 4 Erotic Explorers Collective I am involved in weekly online embodiment classes.  We have been teaching these classes for four years and absolutely love our regular Monday nights.


With the diversity of our interests and experiences these class cover an enormous range of embodied inquiries and we have a lot of fun coming up with new erotic practices.  Our community is large although it seems that classes normally range in size from 8 to 16.  Learning in an intimate and a friendly sex positive environment is such joy in of itself.


These classes will help you access more pleasure in your body.  Having a practice of erotic embodiment can help cultivate flow, life force, chi, kundalini, juiciness, vibrancy – whatever word you use to describe the lively force within you! 


In Erotic Embodiment classes you are invited to get curious about your body’s capacity for sensation and pleasure. In a place of non-judgmental agenda-less exploration, we can be fully present to our in the moment experience.


Our Monday classes offer creative ways of framing self pleasure along with strategies for harnessing awareness, breath, movement, sound and touch to expand your eroticism. 


Classes revolve around diverse themes such as agency, pelvic awareness, erotic edges, sexy dance, anal massage and connecting with the belly.


Everyone who attends agrees to maintain confidentiality.

Classes are never recorded. 

Class is a full permission space – you decide how you want to participate. This means that:

  • All suggestions made by the teacher are optional.

  • We encourage you to take what is useful from the class and to feel into your own boundaries and prioritise your own safety. 

  • Clothing is optional, touch is optional.

  • We encourage you to leave your camera on, but this does not mean you have to be on screen throughout the whole class.

  • Sharing your experience is optional.

Within these parameters, students find space in which to explore new ways of being and relating to their experience. 

What do I need?

  • A computer with a stable connection and a webcam.

  • Some private space to practice in

  • Curiosity and a willingness to explore.


Classes are donation based.

Payment information is included in our weekly email. 

Your contribution supports our organisation and makes it possible for us to continue developing new offerings. 

To receive 4EroticExplorers weekly class email

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