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My Story

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I was born and grew up in the Uk and after attending University, I wondered how I was going to fit into modern society. This took me on a quest to different parts of the world, where I was exposed to ancient practices and different ways of thinking. This started a life long journey towards living a more embodied life.  During this time I “came off the pill” and this led to a syncing of my cycle and the moon and over time reclaimed wisdom held within my bodily cycles and those with nature. 

I arrived in Australia in 1996 and threw myself into the wonders of touch based modality of Shiatsu and with the Traditional Chinese Medicine background, started the process of integrating, mind, body and emotions into my larger world view.


I became a mother for the first time in 2000 and ended up home birthing all three of my children on the unceded Wurundjeri-Woiworrong land that I still live and work from.  It was during the early 2000’s I became a doula and began a year long deep dive into land based, ritual and ceremonial work with a dear sister, where we journeyed within a closed circle of women reclaiming ‘blood wise ways’ that are for the most part lost in our modern society and created a lunar based calendar for charting your rhythm (link to website/to purchase calendar).


A constant theme in my personal and professional life has been to unearth the wisdom held within our own bodies.


After my fathers death from prostate cancer in 2019 I chose to include some more formalised training in the field of sexuality and this is where my primary focus and passion lies these days. I love geeking out on neuroscience and am passionate about the working with our nervous system to create safety, creativity and more pleasure in our lives.


I am both a sexological bodyworker and somatic sex educator and love both working one on one and in group workshop settings.  Further training into scar remediation, both seen and unseen scars in the pelvis has deepened my ability to support people who experience pelvic pain and various issues that arise from childbirth, surgeries, injuries, postural misalignment and inflammation and trauma. 


What I love about somatic education and being a sexological bodyworker is that each session is client focused and the possibilities are endless depending on what it is you are wishing to explore.  I am also very interested in supporting people through major personal and life transitions by co-creating rituals that are meaningful for you.

I am also a part of a Collective called 4 Erotic Explorers and we run a weekly Erotic Embodiment Class on Zoom Monday nights 8pm AEST.  To be added to our weekly mailing list for our Monday night classes subscribe to our newsletter.  I also teach regularly for the Institute of Somatic Sexology in their twice weekly classes.

Professional Training and Experience

1996-1998   Diploma of Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine

2003    Trained birth attendant with Rhea Dempsey

2004-2019    Co-founder and facilitator of 13 Moons Blood Mysteries year long women’s ritual and ceremony into blood wise ways and creator of a menstrual calendar.  

2017     Mizan Reproductive Massage

2019  "Lingam" (penis) massage course with Mangala Holland

2020-2022  Institute of Somatic Sexology: Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Certified Somatic Educator.

2021   Introduction to Embodied Counselling

2021 Pelvic Steaming. (Many years of sharing this practice but did some further training with Steamy Chick)

2021-2023 Completed a two year deep dive into a Pelvis Scar Remediation Course (STREAM) with Ellen Heed PHD.  I am currently part of her team and will assist her in her workshops and I have ongoing mentorship with her.  This work is amazing!

2023 Wheel of Consent: LIke a Pro Training with Betty Martin and the School of Consent.

2023 The 3 Keys to Genital Dearmouring for Reclaiming and Expanding Sexual Pleasure with Rahi Chun from Somatic Sexual Wholeness.

I am a professional member of the Somatic Sex Educators Association of Australasia which is the only governing body for somatic sexuality work in the southern hemisphere.  I am currently serving my second year on the committee of the SSEAA.


As a professional member of the SSEAA my work is guided by the association's code of ethics and conduct. As a result I hold professional indemnity and public liability insurance which, along with the codes, provides safety and assurance for my clients.

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