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What is Sexological bodywork?

Sexological bodywork is a client led, somatic education based modality for people who would like to access more pleasure in their lives. This means there is an enormous, possibly infinite scope of practice in what a session could look like.  The primary tools that we bring to a session as somatic sex educators are breath, movement, sound, touch and placement of awareness.


Each session begins with a conversation and a co-creation of an educational contract about what practices and forms of touch (if any) are going to happen during a session.  This gives both client and practitioner time to attune their nervous systems and work at a pace that allows for integration of learning. 

Our work together might include embodiment exercises such as breathwork, movement, sounding, and touch. Throughout, we will reflect and adjust to ensure our work together is serving your intentions. You will also be supported to continue the practices in your own time at home. 


Sexological bodyworkers are governed by the SSEAA and agree to abide by a code of ethics and receive ongoing supervision.  

What is Scar Remediation aka "STREAM"?

STREAM stands for Scar Tissue Remediation, Education and Management.  This multi-disciplinary approach benefits those with both emotional and physical scar tissue. Stream benefits people with birth related, trauma related, or surgery pain in their bodies, especially the pelvis and pelvic diaphragm.  Stream is a holistic and profound modality that recognises the primacy of the Autonomic Nervous System and the role it plays in both safety and healing.  We cannot heal and resolve pain if we are in fight, flight or a freeze mode.   It also looks at the four domains of health as both an assessment and treatment tool.   These are our biochemical health, biomechanical health, emotional health and any scars or adhesions themselves.   This is why it is so effective for resolving pelvic pain and scars themselves and whilst in this training I resolved all my chronic pelvic pain, which stemmed from being hit by a car as a small child and exacerbated during and since my three pregnancies.



STREAM is the brainchild of the legendary Ellen Heed PhD, who was my anatomy and physiology educator during my Sexological Bodywork Training.  She has developed a two year program from her expertise in several different modalities and has been offering in-depth training for people who are passionate about pelvic wellness and health.  Practitioners come from a range of professional backgrounds - we may be sexological bodyworkers, birth workers or pelvic floor physios. our commonality is that we are passionate about making a difference in pelvic health. To hear more about STREAM click this link.


I completed my training with Ellen in 2023, travelled to the States both in 2022 and 2023 to learn from her in person and she continues to mentor my work.

“STREAM practitioners meet you where you are - they tune in to your story and your state, holding space to discover, assess, and connect the dots in professional relationship.  Through meaningful education, facilitated self-discovery and mapping strategies STREAM works to resolve pain and blockage from scars-both physical and unseen”. 


- Ellen Heed PhD

What is Somatic Sex Education?

To become a CSSE in Australia, one completes a second year of training with the Institute of Somatic Sexology (ISS).  Here the emphasis is on coaching and supporting people develop their own embodiment, awareness and understanding what is going on in their own bodies and in sex.  As we become more embodied we release any mind body restrictions that inhibit pleasure and our broadens our capacities for enjoyment, growth and choice in our sexual experiences.   Coaching can as easily be done online as in person.  Somatic Sex Education is also an area that includes workshops and online classes.  Please go to the Classes Section to find out more about our online Erotic Embodiment Classes that have been running for the last four years.

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