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100% of proceeds from the sale of this song on Bandcamp go to First Nations Initiatives in Australia and Aotearoa

The Women’s Wellbeing Project (Australia)
Māori led Peace Initiative (Aotearoa)

The Story behind the Song

In many ways, it feels like the Song of the Stones wrote itself. It certainly came out in a hurry with the help of my drum and the warmth of sitting by the fire at night under the stars on Wurundjeri Country.


10 years ago I spent the day with a Māori friend of mine. It was the 5th anniversary of one of our dear friends passing and we had spent part of the day visiting his grave which is on the other side of the creek from where I live.


We were talking about many deeply connected things, and during that time he both translated my name into te reo Māori and asked me if I had heard of Barry Brailsford as he thought I would be interested in his work. I hadn’t heard of Barry nor been to Aotearoa but once home checked out his work online.


This happened during a time of great change in my life, I had lived on these unceded lands for 15 years and birthed my children here.  A few months earlier, I had separated from their father and was spending much time calling myself home by keeping fire and calling on the land to support my letting go, my healing and for strength and wisdom as I felt into my freedom and for my way forward.  In truth I was at a crossroads and birthing myself anew. 


That night a song came for me, and it turns out for others too, fast and with an ease that is exceptionally rare for me.  I even made a rough recording on GarageBand which is also something I had never tried before.


The next morning I sent a copy to Barry and my Māori friend and walked back over to the cemetery and played it over my other mate's grave.  


I was both over the moon and surprised when Barry wrote back and asked to play the song at one of his upcoming talks.  This was the beginning of a relationship that took me over to Aotearoa and I started connecting with the land and its people.  


Others asked to sing the song and it gently made its way into the world and for a long time I would sing this as an opening or closing to ceremonies, rituals and circles as well as for grounding and connecting me whenever I felt like it. 


I have received so much personally through the birth of this song.  It built a bridge for me to sometimes travel between these lands and came from my heart inspired by both of them.   I have been intending to make a recording for a very long time so others may learn it more easily and share it with others.  It was only after my last incredibly profound experiences at a Māori led Gathering earlier this year that time has finally come to pass! 


My dream is that this song be shared as far and wide as possible and at the same time raise some money for First Nations Initiatives in both Australia and Aotearoa.  Please share and direct people to Bandcamp where they can make a donation and download this song.


100% of proceeds from this song go to these Initiatives.

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