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Upcoming workshop on Sunday 28th July 

Breasts laid bare: a day of embodied care, connection and self love.

I am passionate about breast care and health and supporting others in cultivating a deepening in the relationship they have with their own breasts, whatever that relationship may currently be.  


This workshop is a mixture of practical and useful tools for maintaining/improving breast health and an honouring of the deep energetic wisdom of the breast through embodied practice.

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image courtesy & copyright of the amazing Lucy Pierce visit her etsy store for prints and original artworks. 

What this workshop will cover


Physically caring for and connecting with the breast.

  • Breast massage and care.

  • Lymphatic drainage of the breasts

  • The how’s and why’s of castor oil packing our breasts

  • Working with scars.

  • Movement and breath for healthy breast tissue


The energetics of breasts

  • Fostering connection with our heart centre

  • Fostering connection with our genitals

  • Breasts as a source of pleasure 

  • Breasts and self love

  • The blood mystery of the breast

  • The power of the nipple.

Whatever our age and shoe size our breasts have a history and our relationship to the breast

may be loaded.   We may have judged them, compared them with others, have felt or have been told they are too big or too small.  They may have been objectified, ignored, been well loved or we may not like them touched.  They may have been our own or others play things, food source for babies, or not produced the milk we longed for. They may be a source of much pleasure or not so much at all.  


We may have had them reduced, enhanced or we may be one of those 1 in 7 women in Australia diagnosed with breast cancer and as a result of any of these things, we may have scars to tend to.


Whatever stories our breasts hold or whatever lives they have lived the truth is like us they are ever changing, with natural or synthetic hormonal cycles, with age and with life experience as we change and grow.


Whatever your personal experience has been, this workshop is an opportunity to let go of the past, meet your breasts anew, give love to yourself and reclaim the power and wisdom of the breast and most of all learn practical skills to tend, cultivate and educate yourself to have the most intimate and healthy relationship possible with them. 


This day long workshop runs from 10 am until 4 pm, lovingly prepared home cooked vegetarian soup and home baked sour dough bread is provided for lunch by my partner Patrick.  This workshop will take place in my own beautifully nourishing home with the winter hearth fires burning.  I live on the unceded lands of the Wurundjeri-Woiworrong people on what is currently called the Macedon Ranges.  About 18 years ago the land I live on was given the name Mirrm Buluk, meaning Many Kangaroos.


This workshop is open to cis and trans women and non binary folk with breasts.  If you are wondering if this workshop is suitable for you or have any queries around safety and inclusivity or any other questions please contact me. 


Numbers for this workshop will be limited to a maximum of 13 participants and once the constellation is set final information will be shared.


In this workshop clothing will be optional for the upper body.  This means you are welcome to bare your breasts for the self massage or remain covered.  Each person is encouraged to do what feels most comfortable for themself whilst honouring and respecting everybody else's choices and experience.  There is a lot of magic that can happen when we come together with kindness and care and witness each other.  The milk of human kindness really does emanate from this place!  And I have experienced so many wonderful circles where we learn so much from being with each other just as we are.  As host and facilitator I will have my breasts out for some demonstrations.


You are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing and bring a dressing gown if you have one and slippers and a blanket!  Snacks to share or for yourself are also welcome.


Having had a 25+ years of experience as a ceremonialist and facilitator of women’s circles and I as a breastfeeding mother of 3, I have delved deeply into the energetics of the breast and earlier this year had surgery for a small cancerous lump in one my breasts that tests mid year last year failed to pick up despite my concern.  Due to my own self care routine and work and training as a scar remediation specialist I ignored these test results and went back.  This experience has highlighted and impassioned me further to offer this workshop and dive ever deeper into the power and wonder of the breast and the importance of tending to our breast health.


To hear more about this and to take your own breast care to the next level come to this workshop or you are welcome to arrange a one on one session with me if that would suit you better.

Cost for the day including lunch is $120 with a concession rate of $90.

We will also have organic castor oil packs that Patrick has lovingly made with Australian materials available for purchase. 

If you are unable to come to this workshop due to physical distance or the timing please let me know if you would like me to offer an online version of this workshop or let you know when I run it again in person.

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