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Anal Health and Pleasure

I’m on a mission bring the often maligned arsehole in from the cold (so to speak) and love supporting people on their journey towards anal health and pleasure. The anus is rich in nerve endings and a healthy relax arsehole is good for our overall health and pleasure.  This area is prone to tension and relaxing the arsehole has a global effect on the whole body.  With all the parasympathetic nerve endings in this area, simply by learning anal breathing you can relax the whole body, and yet there is so much more.  


I regularly teach Erotic Embodiment classes on the wonders of the arsehole and am planning a 4 week, 90 minute online class for people who are interested in improving their relationship to the arsehole and exploring their pleasure potential and am currently tweaking a 30 minute recorded meditation called Anal Beads of Wisdom which will be available soon. If you are interested in the recording, or the online program or would like to have one on one sessions contact me here.

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